Szofia Varady (RPS) Part 3

Szofia Varady (RPS) Part 3

7:58 PM

Nick surfaces a few seconds later just a couple of feet away. Turning around, you see him swimming out further into the deep end.

“I never even knew this pool was up here until today.”

“The secret’s out.”

“I know right. Cause I got a big mouth. You know, I never was allowed back in that place.”

“Same. It turns out there was a strict no fucking the clients rule.”

“No shit?”

“Who knew right? Anyway, about that night, or about what we were doing back then. It wasn’t you. You were always a gentleman.”

“Were, l-o-l.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

He swims back over to you before standing up within arms reach.

“How do you mean it?”

He adds a half-grin to the tone change in his voice.

“Well, I liked your cute accent, and now you have a new one.”

You press your fingertips into his chest playfully at that, before also standing up.

“Shit changes, girl. I mean you taught me that. One minute we’re fucking all night, the next you ninjaed out on me.”

You see through the clear water his erection is gone. The half-smile is also.

“Ooo…”, you say easing back down into the water and swimming out a few feet into the deeper water.

“Lost my job too.”

The last of the crimson tint passes from the sky leaving a dark azure expanse in its place. The light pollution of the city unable to block out the countless stars above.

No getting around the fact that the man in the pool with you at the moment is still nursing some tender feelings about the past. That he’s far more guarded around you is another mild observation. Treading water near the center of the deep end of the pool you say,

“I wish things had gone differently. What happened in the past is out of my control…”

Ducking under the water you swim over next to him before resurfacing so close that you brush his body with your in the process.

“… tonight isn’t.”

This time when you stand, you don’t ascend to full height but stay just low enough to look up at him from under your eyelashes as you finish your statement. He leans in to initiate a kiss then. At which, you intercept with your lips.

You had planned to say more to him, it’s true, but one thing that hadn’t changed about Nick was his skillful kissing abilities. He moves his kisses from your mouth to your neck, applying the gentlest hint of a bite after several of them. Your bodies draw closer to one another’s and the hardness of your nipples against his chest brings about the return of his erection. The tip of his member now pushing up against your navel.

The human touch is welcome to your body. The most you have had in months outside your fingers. Nights imagining Darian’s miraculous return in any number of ways, shapes, and forms, and the subsequent love making after that the only sexual releases you had allowed yourself for some time.

Nick’s fingertips slide around in circles over your chest and shoulders causing tiny waves of pleasure throughout your body. The finger push against your clit, however, jars you out of the blissful session of making out as you have absolutely no interest in pool sex.

“Let’s get out of here,” you say.

The tone of your voice leaves no room for debate of subject, nor does you slow exit from the pool by way of the stairs after. Nick follows you out not long after. He gathers up his effects and redresses while still wet.

You place your bikini in your purse before then draping the beach towel around your chest. Shouldering your bag, you look back over at Nick’s body. In addition to the weight, he’d lost since last time you had been with him, on his left forearm is a scar you don’t remember him as well.

He never struck you as a man who came from sophistication or wealth, and the condos in your building aren’t cheap. One of the reasons the housing structure remained less than half full by your prior reasoning on the matter. If Nick lost his employment with the construction company six months prior, then by your calculations he must have found a far more profitable job since.

He had been living in a rather questionable motel, renting by the week, when last you were over with him. The body ink wasn’t free either, and you figure the work done probably cost him several thousand dollars. His clothes are casual, but still designer make, you note as well. Seeing his penis still in a hardened state and tenting out his shorts, you say,

“You going to be able to walk with that thing?”

Striding over to next to where he is standing, you place your palm and fingers against his shaft only for a second before adding,

“It seems to have a direction in mind, so lead on.”

A loud smack comes from his open hand impacting your lower ass cheek a split-second later. As he takes the lead and you both begin walking to the locked roof access door, you fight the urge to comment about the slap. You also fight the urge to punch him in the throat to return your equivalent of the physical gesture.

A personal peeve, many nights you have drifted off to sleep formulating the many and various tortures you would inflict upon the originator of the ass-slap should you ever encounter them.

Nick reaches the door to the stairwell and pulls it open before entering. A letter falls to the floor when he performs this action. Reaching down to pick up the article of mail, you see the name printed on the front is Antwan Nelson. The address is your building, but by the condo number, you know it to be on the lowest floor just above the parking levels.

The door closes with a soft click. The letter is from the United States Immigration Department. The style and manner of the letter you have seen before, having received many of them yourself since relocating from Hungary to the U.S.

Nick had used the letter to keep the door from locking. By your deduction, that meant he had no key to the door. You are sure that it had closed and relocked after you came through it just a few minutes prior. When it doesn’t re-open after a second or two of waiting, you withdraw your key and unlock it.

Opening the heavy door, you see Nick already halfway down the stairs to the landing below.

“Who says chivalry is dead?”

“Wh-, What?”


His arms are crossed in front of him with his fingers clenched on opposite arms. He is shivering and trying to keep his jaw from trembling.

“You cold?”

“Freezing! Nightswimming is not my deal. Hurry girl, the A.C. In the building’s trying to kill me.”

The two of you pass no others along your walk from the stairwell below to the centralized elevators. Once inside, you pull open your towel and press up against Nick after raising his wet t-shirt enough to allow more skin to skin contact.

“Does that help,” you ask?


The kisses you begin on his neck just after do much to alleviate his chattering teeth. A rather vigorous kissing session follows interrupted only by the chime of the doorbell alerting you that you had arrived at your destination.

Withdrawing from Nick, you look into the corridor leading from the now open sliding doors. The lighting in the hall is older in style and much dimmer than on your floor. The patterned carpet is also in stark contrast to the marble-top floors above.

You rewrap your unicorn print beach towel and begin following him once more. His wet tennis shoes making “squish-skosh” sounds with his every step. Near the end of the 70’s decorum passage, Nick stops at the second to the last door and pulls his keys out of pocket to unlock it.

When he does, a small crumple of something falls from his pocket to the floor. He doesn’t appear to notice, and instead looks over to you and says,

“I got a couple of guys staying with me at the moment. Pay them no mind. They are all bark and no bite.”

He enters then, and you scoop up the paper which you quickly see is a wadded up twenty dollar bill. Music is playing inside the condo, and stepping in you smell a combination of weed and tobacco smoke with a hint of rotting garbage odor.

The kitchen area of Nick’s place is covered in beer bottles and cans with the occasional empty bottle of hard liquor mixed with the decor. You also see that the condo is a two bedroom layout, but not the same style as the two bedroom’s you had seen on the website.

There is also a door in the wall to your left which strikes you as odd. From what you know from already having looked over the buildings blueprints months before, the door should be by all accounts, leading into the next condo. The one at the very end of the hall. How the condo association had allowed this is beyond your understanding. Another thing that strikes you odd about the door is that it is unpainted and appears to have multiple latch locks on it from the side you are on.

Nick grabs a beer bottle from the fridge, opens it on his countertop, and hands it over to you. Inside you saw its shelves lined with takeout boxes and bags, in addition to the twelve-pack he grabbed your beer from.

“Say hi to the guys real quick while I grab some dry clothes.”

He then leads you over to the edge of the living room area. Two men are playing a first person shooter on a console system hooked up to a gigantic flat screen television. The one sitting on the loveseat closest to you is thin, white, plush lips, and has shoulder length brownish blonde hair which you can tell he had dyed. The man in the far loveseat is a broad-shouldered, black, thin lips, and has a shiny clean shaven head.

Nick says, “Hey dipshits!”

The game screen pauses right after, and the two men look up at you.

“This is Misty. She lives in the building so try not to creep her out.”

You hold up your hand to give a friendly wave.

“I’ll be right back,” Nick says to you.

He then turns and walks down to the bedroom on the right before entering it and leaving you to stand at the edge of the living room with the two strangers.

“Hey baby, you don’t have to stand there. Here, have a seat”, says the bald man.

He is sitting next to the large sliding glass doors leading to the outside balcony. He moves over to give you room on the loveseat he is currently sitting on. The coffee table in front of the two gamers us littered with overflowing ashtrays and fast food wrappers and a mirrored tray with a small pile of white powder rests upon the refuse.

The long haired man is wearing a black t-shirt with the words, Led Zeppelin across the front. Aside from the initial glance up at you, he has paid no further attention to you. When he flinches while furiously button mashing the device in his hands, you see a large scar across his left cheek running up to his eye, and also that he is missing his ear on that side of his head as well.

You take a sip from the chilled bottle of beer and cast a glance down to the bedroom door Nick went through. It’s still shut. Both men in the room next to you continue their game, and you see the space on the loveseat remains open for you.

To be continued…

Q1: Do you accept the offer and sit on the loveseat? Y/N?

Q2: Do you walk down to the bedroom door Nick went through to check on him? Y/N?

Q3: Do you ask the two men about the unpainted door? Y/N?

Q4: Do you decline the invitation to sit preferring to stand where you are? Y/N?

Q5: Do you inquire as to where the bathroom is and go to freshen up? Y/N?

Q6: Do you slip back outside and return to the upper floors and your own condo? Y/N?

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  1. Q1_N
    In reply she asks where the bathroom is.
    She’ll try to check in on him without being noticed first. And then depending on what’s behind the door, take care of the situation. Right now I’m not too sure she shouldn’t take them all out. She practically needs a reason not to. High Alert mode.
    Q4_Y see Q1 answer.
    So she doesn’t actually go to the bathroom. She could know where it is in case she needs to hide. It’s a good idea to see as much as possible throughout the apartment before checking in on Nick.
    So tempting but no. there might be someone chained up in there, or worse.

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