Holden Fox Role Play Story (RPS) Part One

Holden Fox Role Play Story (RPS) Part One

June 15, 2016 10:30 PM

Having just finished performing the sacred salmon ritual on the banks of the nearby Five Penny River, you return home to shower and change for the second time tonight. Keeping a clear mind and staying focused on the ceremony was more than a little difficult due to the events of the last few days all seeking your immediate mental attention.

First and foremost, the return of Vanessa Brooks. After three years of mysterious absence, she was back in town. Not only that, but she was crashing at Logan’s place. Having made her official return two nights ago at the annual party at Logan’s cabin. Held each year in your honor for saving his life several years back.

It was after one of these parties that Vanessa disappeared. Shortly after the two of you had found each others company exceptionally desirable. It was during that party that you both engaged in laughing, flirting, touching, and kissing for several hours there in front of all assembled.

So much so, that most of the partygoers had either left or settled into the multitude of brightly colored tents staked in all over Logan’s front and back yards before all of the sudden, she crawled up out of your lap, walked away without saying another word, and proceeded to drive off to who knows where.

It was the first night you and Vanessa had actually met. She was there with her twin brother Corey. The same Corey that now rents a room in Logan’s basement, and also the same man who you have been diving with off and on for going on two years.

Corey works more with Logan helping him manage his hill-top grow operation and the distribution of horticultural commodities. Originally you met Corey the same night as Vanessa, but you had your first real interactions with him during the search party weeks that followed his sister’s abrupt vanishing.

Seeing Vanessa’s face again had shaken and stirred everything that you thought had finally settled over the last thirty-six months. Your appetite was the first to go, and your drinking and smoking increased two-fold. Too many questions in your mind about where she went, and what she had been doing, and since her return only a few answers had been given. Even those answers, were more like superficial deductions based on what the eyes could see.

Wondering if she was getting cosmetic surgery, however, had never been a curiosity, but after seeing her two nights ago, there was no doubt in your mind that breast augmentation had been performed since the last being with her. The soft flesh of her breasts before, startlingly, still a vivid memory of yours.

There were other changes in her too, but those were not as visible. A change in demeanor was evident. The attitude was similar, but not the same. People change, that you are well aware of, but in the shared opinion of not only you but Corey and Logan, the changes noticed by the three of you see… drastic.

All that aside, there was something else about seeing her that kept repeating in your head. When she stepped out of the crowd and became visible to you, Cory, and Logan, all standing together at the time, it had unnerved you. Enough to cause a mild hair bristling.

When her eyes met your’s that night, it was like looking at the girl you remember, but at the same time an entirely different person. In that initial moment, there was little else in her gaze, but a brief acknowledging look like she recognized you, and then her forced, but dazzling smile meant for formal gatherings. Then her eyes left you, went right past Corey, and onto Logan. She avoided sharing anything about her time away, deflecting any and all inquiries to the “it doesn’t matter” department.

There were dozens of other people that night who knew her from before, and all were thrilled to welcome her back you noticed that night. She only really stayed in the presence of the three of you for a few, if not a couple, minutes before a brief whispered exchange between her and Logan. After which she returned to the crowd of party-goers.

Later, you would encounter her for a second time while grabbing more beers from the storage room in Logan’s cellar. Carrying up the case of local brew, you saw her at the base of the stairs leading up to the second-floor loft of Logan’s cabin. She had a well, worn backpack over her shoulder, and was wheeling behind her a travel case. As she no doubt was about to head up the stairs, you quickly offered to assist by carrying the suitcase with wheels and a handle up for her with a,

“May I?”

At which, in one fluid motion she pushed the handle in and took hold of the side handle lifting it and said,

“Thanks, though. Thought that counts, right?”

Not wanting to waste the chance for dialogue, you quickly said,

“Yeah, I hope. Hey, it’s terrific to see you. Glad you’re here again.”

“Yeah, well, just passing through. Logan was kind enough to give me his girls room for the evening.”

“You need a place? Mines not far, and a whole lot quieter.”

“I’ll probably be at my parent’s place in the next day or two.”

“Oh cool. They’ve got to be happy your back.”

“I guess. They said they’d be back next month sometime. Even had the house cleaners leave out a set of keys for me. ”

“You need a lift over? Do you have wheels?”

“Yeah, I got a car. Just really didn’t want to be in a gigantic house all alone at the moment.”

“No, I get that. Trust me when I say this, you would find my place really comfortable.”

“Oh yeah?”


“Because it’s tiny?”

“Like a shoebox on wheels.”

Her next smile was genuine, and in that split second after your comment, there was the faintest of chuckles. It also was authentic. A moment later, it was all gone, and she was heading up the stairs.

“Goodnight, Holden Fox.”

When Vanessa is near the top of the stairs, you said,

“Hey Vanessa, was it me, or something I did that night?”

She turns then and looks down directly at you. Expecting her to say something so you can finally check the most important question out of your head list, you are a little surprised when she turns again and walks away without saying anything. Before leaving Logan’s that night, you met up with Corey and Logan to discuss the latest turn of events. Neither of them had any other contact with Vanessa after the initial meeting.

You had, but in the spirit of discretion refrained from bringing up your stairwell discussion and just left your input at having “seen her,” and that “she was heading up to the loft.” One thing that was agreed upon, when it was just the three of you around, was that it was a relief to at least not have to wonder if Vanessa were still alive or not.

Logan never really associated with or knew, Vanessa outside meeting her the one night. To him, he was just glad to help out a friend and his friend’s sister. Corey, on the other hand, was a wreck. He had that haunted look on his face you remember from the search party days. Where you had felt a quick moment of unease upon first seeing Vanessa again, Corey appeared to be more than a little uncomfortable.

The day after the party, both you and Corey made a mutual decision to call off the scheduled spearfishing trip arranged earlier in the week by the two of you. You drove by Logan’s sometime around noon to help and give him a hand cleaning up his house and yard from the festivities. Inside, the kitchen had food ingredients all over the stove area. Evidence that Logan had made on of his three-course breakfasts for someone.

From the kitchen windows, you saw he was already out in the back yard picking up trash. Vanessa was helping. He was wearing a pair of boxers with green lucky charms printed on them, and she was wearing bike shorts and a bikini top. No one else was in Logan’s house that you saw, and checking on Corey through the wall aquarium downstairs, you saw he was still sleeping.

Joining Logan and Vanessa outside on the green grass lawn, you remember that first bit of eye contact with her. It had caused biological affectations inside your body, and your blush after seeing her lips crease in the faintest of genuine smiles caught you completely off guard.

Logan then said something about leaving his stove on and half ran, half walked back across the yard and into the cabin.The half full trash bag he was carrying was now at your feet.

“Morning,” you said to her.

“Hey,” was her greeting back.

“How’d you sleep?”

“With my eyes closed. You?”

“Oh, me, I didn’t.”

“Why’s that?”

“Doing some renovation work to my place. Kind of a remodeling.”


“New bathtub and shower. It’s a combo. Has that little wrap around curtain.”

“That was more important than sleep?”

“Absolutely, not. Thinking about you was.”

“Did my coming back cause you to remember the party?”

“Please…, as if. Wasn’t a day out of the last thirty-six months I haven’t thought of our time together that night.”

“I thought about it too, and you. There was one time I even tried to contact you with my thoughts.”

“Maybe I heard you.”

“I don’t think you did.”

“What makes you…”

“You never came.”

“Oh, baby girl, what happened out there?”

Too much, too fast. By the look that comes across Vanessa’s face after your inquiry, you know she’s recoiled back behind her defenses. If she called for you in her thoughts and wanted you to find her, it could mean by your reasoning, that she had found some trouble.

Impossible to tell what kind, but in your life you had seen no shortage of people in problematic situations, and could see the signs many times from a distance, so to speak. She started off toward the trees at the edge of the yard with her mostly full trash bag.

Before getting out of earshot, she said back to you, “Another time, maybe.”

Then she withdrew her earphones and put them in. The rest of the debris removal was spent conversing with Logan after that. He appeared again not long after you and Vanessa ended your discussion. When finished, you noted that Vanessa’s car was no longer parked out front. Declining Logan’s invitation to a dinner of grilled vegetables, you headed back to your place and were finally able to get some much-needed sleep.

Yesterday, you had gone over to Logan’s house around sundown, but again Vanessa’s car was out, in addition to Corey’s and Logan’s too, so you didn’t stick around. This afternoon, you got a call on your home phone from Corey. He said he had run into Shad Harper at the local CO-OP. Shad is one of your closest friends, but his whereabouts for the last twelve years have been much like Vanessa’s, unknown.

Must have been something in the Redbark air bringing everyone home or something, you think to yourself. Corey said Shad was living at the “estate”, and that he said he would be more than happy to see everyone again. He owned no car at the moment, so he had said getting around to see old friends was by his account, “tricky.”

Shad’s mom was a bit of a radical zealot. Her faith had shifted around throughout the years, but her fervor to whatever cause had remained constant. She had a comfortable lifestyle before leaving the Redbark Cove, but something had happened between Shad’s parents and whatever it had been, they divorced rather quickly after the event. You remember she and Shad took a flight out of town and had not been heard from since. That was, until today.

That you practically neighbors at the moment, you are sure Shad will appreciate and get a kick out of the fact. As you remember from high school, Shad was very much a nocturnal being. He thought doing things in the daytime was only something to be done when you absolutely couldn’t do them in the evening. The circumstances must have been dire; you can’t help but think if what Corey relayed was accurate and Shad had been at the grocery before noon.

Your first impulse was to drive immediately up to the Harper mansion only a couple of miles away and welcome the closest thing to a best friend you have ever had home. And you know you would have, if not for the promise to your father that you would go over to your parent’s house to help re-arrange the boxes in the attic storage. A task that even with the help of your younger sister Sirena took until around 8:00 PM to complete.

Stopping to get drinking water on the way home, you arrived back just before 9:00 PM. Journey’s, “Don’t stop believing” was still playing on your truck stereo when you pulled up and saw the redbark woven basket outside your door.

The contents of which were no mystery to you, as you can smell the remains of the salmon almost immediately upon parking your truck. Wanting to purify yourself before the salmon returning ceremony you attempt to clear your head in your new shower. Thoughts of Vanessa are too distracting however once under the warm running water. Closing your eyes, you imagine her accepting your offer to visit.

You open your eyes again, only after stroking yourself to orgasm. Vanessa’s tongue and mouth had brought you to completion in the mental imagery you had been fabricating. The solo session doing good to clear your head, you emerge from the shower with only the sacred ceremony in your thoughts.

Dressing, you choose to wear only cargo shorts so as not to get the smell of fish on any more of your clothing than necessary. You also take with you your heirloom katana. The weapon had been given a name long before your inheritance of it, and that name was, “Namida.”

Over your shoulder is a large leather bag filled with various things you like to have on you when out and about. The hike through the redwoods from behind your backyard and tobacco field to the river bank only took a few minutes. At the river, while setting your cutting board and fillet knife out, you saw some trout jumping and heading upstream.

The ritual ceremony you complete fully, with every head severed and every piece returned to the water. Including a recital of your own personal written message of gratitude. Altogether it takes a little over thirty minutes to perform the entirety of ceremony.

You shower for a second time tonight upon returning home. While putting on clean clothes for your trip to see Shad, you see your antique answering machine is blinking. The message that plays is from a client of yours who purchases large bags of your specialty tobacco. He wants to know if you’ll bring him some over tonight? Says he’s having a party.

The message is still playing when you go to grab some beers to take up with you, and discover you are out. Knowing your client doesn’t live too far from the convenience store just down the road, you consider killing two birds with one stone.

To be continued…

Q1: Do you drive into town to buy some beers to bring up with you when you go to visit Shad? Y/N? 

Q2: Do you make the delivery of tobacco to your client?

Q3: Do you decide against getting the beer and the delivery and drive directly to visit Shad? Y/N?

Q4: Do you wait until morning to welcome back your old friend? Y/N?  


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