Taylor Hatch (RPS) Part Nine

Taylor Hatch (RPS) Part Nine

Current Time 12:47 PM

There had been cults spring up before in Redbark Cove in the past, that you are sure of. Most were devoted to free sex, granola, and vegan diets according to what you have heard in local gossip. You have also been told that the vast majority, if not all of them, are of male majority and bathing is optional.

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One Reply to “Taylor Hatch (RPS) Part Nine”

  1. 1)Y
    3)N I don’t talk about doing something and then go the opposite way.
    4)N the less I know the better.
    6)Y. Something like by the way, before I leave you might want to know your new friend from earlier isn’t the only one that lives here.
    8)Maybe, I guess depending on how comfortable the walk back upstairs gets. I don’t know which floor is a good one. Maybe go through each floor until I find something that looks like no one will look for me there. Where I can sleep or some like that.

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