Holden Fox Backstory Part Three

Holden Fox Backstory Part Three

For the first time in his life, Holden was on his own financially, and he felt proud of his accomplishments over the past year. He had several months before needing to contemplate working with his uncle again and quickly set about planting his finest strain of tobacco seeds into the fertile soil behind his backyard.

He had ample supply of his smoke-ready tobacco to keep him in business with his regulars for the next few months, and after the seeds were planted, he wasted no time in recruiting a few of his family members to come over and help him build his much-needed drying shed. To Holden’s surprise, a large group of his family members showed up the scheduled weekend including members he hadn’t seen or heard from in years.

The shed construction weekend became a family reunion the likes of which he’d not thought possible and after it was over and everyone had returned to their homes, Holden for the first time in his life wondered if he would ever have a family and if he would ever be a father. He was still sitting cross-legged on the floor next to his tiny wood burning stove, working his way through a six-pack of beer and weighing out the pro’s and con’s of domestication when he heard someone knocking on his aluminum-skinned door.

Holden had no doubt in his mind that it was a family member returned to recover some item of great worth probably lost somewhere in his yard. Meaning he was probably headed for a night of flashlight fun searching his yard for the object. He hesitated almost unconsciously, before going to the front window, turning on his front door light and peering out through the curtain.

He saw the long sleek black limousine parked out on the road next to his house first, before turning to see a slender female wearing a rather snug fitting suit and chauffeur’s cap. Assuming her to be lost, Holden opened the door.

At first glance, he found her face exceedingly easy to look upon. Her playful blue eyes looked into his as she informed him that she was not lost and that his dear friend Logan Miller had requested his presence at a party in Holden’s honor, and one in which, she stated, that he had already agreed to attend. She then told Holden her name was Sky, and politely said she would wait in the limo for him to lock up.

As she walked back toward the waiting vehicle, Holden noticed her blue hair neatly tucked up under her cap, and that she walked with an almost fey-like grace, and how her heels made scarcely a sound as she returned to the car.

He sat in the front of the limo next to Sky, and the two talked the entirety of the drive, but when the limo pulled to a stop in the middle of a remote country road with no house in sight, Holden began to reconsider his situation.

He’d been enjoying the conversation with the blue-haired woman and not paying too much attention to where they were heading or where they currently were until that moment. He looked at the digital map display on the smartphone now attached to the front window but didn’t recognize any of the cross streets.

Before his finger could adjust the map display, he heard a knock on his window and turning he saw Logan grinning ear to ear while holding up a bottle of champagne. Looking back at Sky, Holden saw she had removed her cap, and her long blueish-blonde hair hung down in strands. She smiled and told him that they had arrived, and proceeded to exit the vehicle.

Logan greeted him with a hug before popping open the bottle of bubbly and extending it over to him, before continuing to withdraw a large bundle of high-value paper currency and generously tipping Sky for her service in getting Holden to the party.

She graciously accepted, smiled a parting smile at Holden then turned and began walking in her unique way again back to the limo, and that’s when it happened; Logan must have seen something in his eyes when Holden turned to watch her departure from the scene.

Something that provoked Logan to suddenly walk to her and whisper something Holden could not make out. After a brief period of whispered exchanges between Logan and Sky, she turned and walked back to the vehicle. Logan put his arm around Holden at that point and led him through the wooded area via a small trail illuminated with little candles in white paper bags weighted with sand.

Holden heard voices followed by laughter coming from a bonfire lit clearing ahead of the two men, and that’s when Logan informed him that he’d invited a few others to celebrate. Logan had proven true to his word and made sure there wasn’t a single party-goer present that night who was not informed about Holden’s valiant rescue exactly one year prior.

He knew Logan couldn’t remember any of the actual events of that particular evening, and he found it humorous how many different tales Logan could spin about an evening he had no recollection at all about. In each, however, Holden triumphed, no matter the size or numbers of the adversary (s) in the story.

He met at least a dozen interesting and colorful personalities that evening, but he kept unconsciously finding his mind wandering back to the limo driver, and his eyes continuously expecting to see her make an appearance at the party.

As pleasant and chill as everyone at the party was, they were all also already paired off or in groups. Holden found their attention spans concerning anything outside their tiny spheres of influence to be rather finite. Sky, on the other hand, had seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say and who he was and what made him tick.

Even long after the party had ended, Holden reminisced about how he and Sky had made easy conversation the entire drive out to Logan’s property, and it was the moments with her he seemed to cherish more than anything else from the night of the celebration.

Three weeks later, Holden would again encounter the blue-haired young woman. He had been downtown delivering an ounce of his homegrown tobacco to one of his regulars at the time.

To be continued…

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