Dusan Gunvaldsson (RPS) Part Fourteen

Dusan Gunvaldsson (RPS) Part Fourteen

Current Time 12:35 AM

You quickly realize that any further communication with the panic stricken young woman or to Jenna by way of your cell phone is impossible. Your SUV’s quality sound system and your proximity to it at the moment the deciding factors thwarting communication.

Leaving Taylor to stare at Tad’s recently murdered body, you walk back to the open trunk of your vehicle to unlock your storage compartment.

After which, you withdraw a backpack, still half-full of odds and ends from a previous outing, and your own sword. According to your father, who originally gifted the blade to you, the name of the weapon was, “Thornbreaker”, translated from Old French. Believed to have been forged from the very same suit of armor Charles Martel wore in the Battle of Tours.

The date of creation for the weapon is still a mystery as something within the blade or alloy of its fabrication interferes with any type of electronic testing methods. Acid tests reveal nothing either, and all that can be definitively said about the sword by science is that the metal is nonporous, like gold.  A weapon you have become highly proficient in using. For the last fifteen years, you have sought out masters in the art of swordcraft from around the world to train you. Other weapons you have trained with too, but none so much as the one now in your hand.

After relocking the concealed compartment, you return to find Taylor much as you left her. You extend your flashlight to her and she looks over to you before accepting it. With a head nod to the side type gesture, you indicate to her that the two of you should move away from your bloody Lexus and head back in the direction of the mansion. She complies, and you both walk at a brisk pace back toward the cobblestone path.

When the song comes to completion only a few yards from the walkway up to the mansion, you say to her,

“It’s very important I make a call, but I won’t have reception inside the mansion.”

She, in turn, says to you at the very same time you are talking,

“Conrad killed him! Just like he killed Steve! I ran, oh god, oh god…”

The next song begins before any more can be said by either one of you, and instead of raising your voices to shout back and forth, the two of you continue your ascent in silence. At the halfway point along the forested walkway, Taylor starts talking again while you withdraw your smartphone.

“It was so weird,… even for Conrad. He was taking his clothes off… like he was gonna…”

“Wait, pause,” you interject, “My call.”

Pressing the call button on your phone, you then attempt to reach Jenna McCormick. On the second ring, she picks up.

“Finally. Did you finish your errand?”

“No. I have an emergency. My client Tad Harper is dead. I’m at his families ancestral home. A place containing the largest amount of blackstone I’ve ever seen.”


“My ring was destroyed by the house and spirits in it. Tad’s son was just murdered in my car by an unknown assailant. I need help here, ASAP!”

“You saw someone murder your client’s son?”

“No, and no, but it was professionally done across his throat, and a girl I met in the house says it’s someone named Conrad who killed him. Blood was still warm so ten to fifteen minutes at the latest. Must have happened while we were still in the house.”

“Is this girl there with you? I hear music. Are you inside your clients home?”

“Heading back up to the house now. She’s near panic. Cell service drops crossing the threshold.”

“What’s the address?”

To be continued…

Q1: Do you give Jenna the address to the Harper mansion? Y/N?

Q2: Do you accept the invite from her phone that will connect the two of you with a “friend finder” GPS tracking application? Y/N?

Player Answers:

A1: Yes

A2: Yes

Current Time 12:47 AM

As you continue up the path with Taylor, you can hear Jenna’s voice talking with someone in the background on her end but you can’t decipher what is being said. Not long after, she returns to you and says,

“Help is on the way. Are you sure you’re not hurt?”

“No injuries other than some mental scarring, and I found a book from the Farakashi Cult you might be interested in.”

“I’ll be up there soon. Until I am, trust Lucius. He’ll be there shortly. I’ve given him your number and he’ll contact you when he arrives.”

“In the house, I will not have reception, but I think we can secure ourselves in a room downstairs from the kitchen.”

“Trust Lucius. I’m on my way, and see that this girl doesn’t wander off.”

“Alright. I love you too, and thanks.”

The call ends abruptly right after your last words to her. You can see the mansion now. The woods are just beginning to clear giving access to the breathtaking view of Buck Lake far below. A sight, no doubt, far more enjoyable when not on the run for one’s life.

“He’s got us trapped !”

Taylor says while looking around and back down the footpath with your tactical flashlight.

“I never wanted anyone to get hurt. Much less killed. If you stay next to me, Conrad’s prolly gonna kill both of us. I should probably just get away from you, so you don’t die, Mr. G.”

Once again, you can’t help but instantly see the logic in Taylor’s proposition to distance herself from you. Clearly, the knife-wielding psychopath who just slit Shad’s throat had no personal vendetta against you. If the teenage girl with tear-streaked cheeks is telling the truth, then the murderer just killed some guy named Steve earlier in the evening in a similar fashion. The throat-slitter was apparently miffed about something involving the girl next to you, and it does make sense to you that this Conrad fellow may attempt to do bodily harm to you if you involve yourself in the red haired harbinger’s life any more than what has already been done.

She is still walking next to you when the two of you reach the front doors to the Harper mansion. Before you can unlock them, you hear the loud bass driven tune that had been echoing up from your Lexus abruptly cease. In its place, the sound of heavy breathing from both you and Taylor as the two of you recover from winding yourselves on the brisk walk up the inclined trail from the parking lot below. The focus of the flashlight in her hands is now entirely back on the path behind you.

The jingle of the keys that Shad lent you seems unusually loud as does the click the lock makes as you turn the key latch. Opening it, you step aside again in a gentlemanly fashion to allow Taylor first entry.

An invitation she promptly declines by saying, “You got the gun.”

At which, you then enter the grand Harper mansion for the second time tonight.

To be continued…

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